International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Next Saturday, May 18, International Museum Day is celebrated. As we have commented on several occasions, Asturias is a region with a great museum offer, with themes as varied as art, archeology, prehistory, sports, mining, nature, ethnography or gastronomy, among others.

In previous posts of our blog we have recommended museums to visit with children, we have talked about the museums near the Cathedral of Oviedo and therefore our aparthotel or those related to mining. In addition, in our Pinterest account, we have compiled dozens of images from many of Asturias’s museums. But the variety is so big, we could keep talking about them for months.

Today, we want to limit ourselves to a brief compilation of the equipment you can find (and which you will undoubtedly enjoy) and the activities they will offer for this International Museum Day 2019.

We begin by mentioning you the MUSEUMS OF OVIEDO. They are:
– Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias. We don’t get tired of recommending it. Incredible exhibitions, activities for children and adults and all with free admission.

– Archaeological Museum of Asturias. Another treasure that, like the previous one, is free. There are no excuses for not visiting it.

– Church Museum. Located inside the Cathedral of Oviedo, it exhibits pieces from both the cathedral itself and many other parishes in Asturias. You can also visit the impressive Holy Chamber.

– Reception and Interpretation Center of the Asturian Pre-Romanesque. Located on Mount Naranco, a few meters from the pre-Romanesque churches of Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. In addition to the museum visit (free), many weekends are organized. Be sure to check your agenda.

– Geology Museum. Much more unknown than the previous ones, it is in the Faculty of Geology of Oviedo. It is also free access and offers guided tours upon request.

This offer is complemented by a variety of exhibition halls and other cultural options, such as the visit to the Cathedral itself or a simple route through the sculptures or palaces of Oviedo.

If we go outside our city, it would be endless to mention here all the museums, ecomuseums, interpretation centers and other equipment available in Asturias, so we leave you this link to the tourism website of the Principality in which they appear compiled so that You can take a look calmly. Of course, the privileged location of Oviedo in the center of Asturias offers the advantage of being able to access any point of our region easily.

Cartel Día Internacional de los Museos 2019 Asturias

  • But we are going to focus on the topic at hand today, and it is the special program of this International Museum Day. This year the motto, as you can see in the poster that accompanies this post, is “Museums as cultural axes: the future of tradition”. Many facilities offer open days or discounts on tickets, special activities, guided tours … In addition, as if that were not enough, some of these activities are not limited only to day 18, but are offered on previous or later days, as in the case of the Museum of Fine Arts or many of the facilities of the Gijón museum network. In this last link, you can consult all those activities specially prepared for this date. There are still a few days left, but we recommend you check it as soon as possible and organize your weekend. Keep in mind that many of these activities require prior reservation and it would be a shame if you ran out of space.
    And if you are not lucky enough to be in Asturias, you can also take note to learn more about the options that our region has to offer you. We are sure that many were unknown to you and that you will love them. Of course, there is something for everyone.

    We leave today’s post here, but we remind you that in our blog there is a lot of information that can help you. Use our search engine and browse the content that we have been offering for a few years. We would love to know if it has been useful to you; You can write us a comment or contact us by social networks or email for it or to suggest more content that you may be interested in developing.