We have been adopting sustainable practices and initiatives in all areas of our work for many years and strive to minimise our impact on the environment and help protect natural resources.


Some of the initiatives we have implemented include reducing energy and water consumption in our facilities, using sustainable materials and promoting responsible tourism in our community.


As a guest, we invite you to join us in our commitment to sustainability by participating in practices such as conscious use of towels and linens, proper waste management and responsible water and energy consumption during your stay.


We believe that sustainability is fundamental to ensuring a better and more sustainable future for all, and we are proud to do our part.

We received the S for Sustainability certification


In recognition of the first steps we are beginning to take in this area, we have been awarded the S for Sustainable Tourism certificate, a distinction created by the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) to help and guarantee the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 in tourist establishments, services and destinations.

The official handover ceremony took place at Fitur with the representation of the hotel manager.

Sustainability Report


We put at your disposal the Report carried out this past September 2022, in which you will find detailed all the interventions that we have carried out.